SealPond ImagePoster

The ImagePoster is a Greasemonkey script to simplify submitting images to It's really simple; after installing the script any image of sufficient width/height (we don't want really lowrez images) gets a "Add to sealpond" button over them when you hover the mouse over the image. Click the button, and you'll submit the image to

What you need to do:
1. Install Greasemonkey.

2. Install the SealPond Imageposter script.

3. Hover your mouse over any image of sufficient proportions and you'll see an "Add to sealpond" button: . Click it.

4. If you're logged in to (you can register for free), you'll be presented with a window that lets you quickly add the image. Just choose a category, tag the image, and submit. The window will close automatically after 5 seconds.

Many thanks to xto for the excellent greasemonkey script!