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This is a beta version of sealpond. Lots of things aren't done yet, and your mileage may vary.

Imageposter script!

2010-08-19 14:22

To make life easier for those of you who contribute images to, we've made a nice little Greasemonkey script that speeds up and simplifies submissions. Check it out at!

sealpond at tumblr

2010-05-16 19:34

Sealpond is now also on tumblr. Check it out here. It will probably be a couple of days until we're up to date though, since tumblr restricts automatic uploads.

sealpond at twitter

2010-03-22 13:21

You can now follow us at twitter.

Adding content

2010-03-19 17:05

Missing something on Why not add some content of your own? It's really simple: just register an account, log in and click the add image link. Registered users can also tag images and create lists/slideshows. More things are coming up as well! So help out, add some nice stuff!

Rate stuff!

2010-03-19 04:20

You know you can rate images on, right? You don't even have to register for an account. Just click the stars (1 to 5, where 5 is the highest ranking) underneath the image to rate it (for you RSS people, just follow the link to the image to rate it).

  1. Voting
  2. Working thickbox/lightbox/whatever
  3. Register user
  4. User tags
  6. Slideshows
  7. Favourites/Lists
  8. Tagging
  9. List new images
  10. Random imges
  11. Tag multi-search
  12. Report dupes
  13. Add image (web interface)
  14. Firefox plugin for adding images
  15. RSS
  16. Tagcloud gaussian distribution thingie
  17. NSFW-mode?
  18. Some ajax stuff
  19. Weekly zips + torrents?